Financial Planning

From early career to full retirement.

We are committed to providing you with the best financial services possible.

We will prepare a financial plan that suits your needs and stage in life. We will help you establish personal and financial goals and create a way to reach them.

Our ongoing process involves taking stock of all your existing resources, developing a plan to utilize them, and systematically implementing the plan in order to achieve your short and long-term goals.

The plan will be monitored and reviewed annually so that adjustments can be made, if necessary, to ensure that it continues to move you toward your financial goals.

Financial Planning is comprehensive in its approach, but can be specific in its focus.

Financial Planning is for everyone and it is needed at every stage of ones life.

Early career stage
  • Completing education
  • buying your first home
  • buying a new vehicle
  • implications of: marriage, children, daycare
Mid-career stage
  • Objectives of children’s education
  • Travel vacation properties
  • Spouse re-entering work force
  • Planning toward retirement
Peak accumulation stage
  • Children likely finishing school
  • May have mortgage paid off
  • Increase rate of savings
  • Maximize contributions to retirement saving plan
  • Minimize taxes
  • Increase emphasis on recreation and health
Pre-retirement stage
  • Finalize decisions about date of retirement
  • Choose to launch hobby career
  • Revise will, trusts, power of attorneys.
Retirement stage
  • Maintain an enjoyable lifestyle
  • Peposition assets to preserve purchasing power
  • Caring for parents
  • Some form of retirement activity, e.g, volunteer or paid basis

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